Board & Committees, 2017 – 2018

The Board is at WorkJan, Brenda, and Ann

The board meets monthly to conduct Club business, plan activities, set policies, receive reports, and approve proposals.



President Janyce Condon
Vice-Presidents Carol Dwyer/ Marilyn Furry
Secretary Amy Sue Martin
Treasurer Alma Mathis
Membership LaDonna Weiler/ Libby Deans
Interest Groups Liz Keller


Standing Committee Chairs

Communications Sandy Miller
Membership Directory Betsy Wiser
Hospitality Sandy Lopez/ Kathy Koehler, Bev Warren/ Tina Kimmel
Newsletter Editor Elaine Lau / Asst:  Catherine Koch
Publicity Penny Smith
Registrar Sara Conkling
Socials by committee

Ways & Means

Social Media

Carol Dwyer & Committees

Catherine Koch


Support Committee

Nominating Chairperson Bev Mullen
Community Service Coordinator Deb Williard
Joys and Sorrows Chairperson Sue Anderson
Scrapbook/Historian Barb Foley

Board & Committees

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