Getting Together

Exact locations for Interest Group meetings are announced in our monthly newsletter.

Cheers and Chat

Meet at various happy hour locations for a drink, chat, and perhaps food.
Last Tuesday of the month, 4:00 p.m.
Terri Thompson -


Curtain Call

Attend theatre productions as a group, sometimes having dinner prior to the show.
Dates and times vary.
Bonnie Spetzer –


Day Trippers

Explore, shop, visit museums, go antiquing, taste at wineries, and even go on a cruise.
Trips are announced via e-mail and newsletter.
Pamela McDonough - and Jane Stanton -


Going to the Movies

Meet at local theatres to enjoy a current release.
Dates and times vary.
Bonnie Grant  -


Bowling for Fun

Bowl as many or as few games as you wish.  Join the group just to visit, bowling is not mandatory.

Usually meets 4th Thursday, 1:00 p.m. at Northland Bowl.
Penny Smith -


Summer Events:

Tour a Penn State campus facility, local museum or exhibit.  Attend a theatre production or take a day trip.
June through August activities are published in the newsletter.

Alma Mathis -

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Getting Together

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